the first-ever
powder to liquid

Godrej Mr. Magic Handwash

mr. magic handwash

This isn't just a handwash, it's magic in a bottle! With the power of neem and aloe vera, it protects your hands from germs and leaves your skin feeling soft. So, add, pour, shake and wash to stay protected!

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Godrej protekt, Mr. Magic Handwash

powder to liquid format

a first, in the world of handwashes!

with neem

which is tough on germs

soothing aloe vera

makes it gentle on skin

extremely affordable

compared to other handwashes in the market

over? refill!

get a refill worth Rs.15 and make a full bottle of handwash, all over again!

make 200 ml of handwash

from a single refill!

easy to make

getting healthy hands
is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

how it works

*For best results, use 1 to 2 hours after shaking the mixture.

the mr. magic range

  • Another great reason to pick

    mr. magic handwash � it's truly green!

    mr.magic handwash is not just green in colour, it's also green in nature. If all Indian households that use liquid handwash refills switch to Godrej protekt mr. magic refills, it would result in a greener, better world. How? Well, compared to other handwash refills, mr.magic:

  • Consumes only 12 the paper

  • Uses only 12 the plastic

  • Uses only 14 the fuel for transportation

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