happy foam HANDWASH

You know why we put foam into a handwash? For the same reason you put chocolate into milk.

Some kids see foam as snow, some as clouds, a few as something else altogether. We can’t really be sure. But what we’re sure about is that they will stop seeing washing hands as a boring chore. In fact they’ll have fun with it while staying protected from germs.

Presenting Godrej protekt happyfoam, the handwash you and your kids will love.

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Godrej Protekt - Naturally Derived Happy Foam Handwash

no sparing dirt or germs

the best of germ protection, all without any triclosan

green apples’ fragrance

doesn’t smell like a hospital but of fresh green apples

loves little hands

with the goodness of glycerin and essential oils, it loves little hands

so good

98% naturally derived* water-based formula
100% recyclable pack
100% reusable

it's a foam

a handwash your brat would love to play with = happiness!
foam is a soap mixed with air & water, so it's naturally milder



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