Ways To Plan Smoother Mornings With Your Kids

Your mornings set the tone for the entire day. If you are a working mom and have school-going kids, it’s always better to plan things a night in advance, so your mornings can be calm and peaceful. Here are some easy ways to help de-stress your morning routine:

Prioritise your sleep

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By sleeping early, you can wake up early. Wake up before your kids so you can get started with breakfast and lunch preparations. Ideally, you should decide what to prepare a night in advance. Make the kids sleep early so they wake up feeling fresh and less cranky.

Make a morning routine chart
If you have young kids, prepare a chart with pictures, that lists out what they need to follow every morning. This will encourage them to be self-reliant and do their morning tasks without being reminded by you. Tasks to list out could be:

Step 1: Brush teeth

Step 2: Take a shower

Step 3: Get dressed

Step 4: Comb hair

Step 5: Eat breakfast

Step 6: Put shoes on

Step 7: Carry bag and lunch box

Step 8: Head out the door


Make time for cuddles


Take a few minutes in the morning to cuddle and have a conversation before the day starts. This helps prevent tantrums and crankiness. Plus, it’s a great stress-buster!

Remain calm
Your kids can sense when you are frantic, making them more resistant to what you tell them to do. Try to be calm and composed, instead of raising your voice and yelling at them. If you find your anger levels increasing, take some time to cool off, before telling your kids to cooperate.

Getting the entire family ready in the morning is a potential speed bump. But if every member of the family contributes to it, mornings can be smoother.

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