Water Monitors: The newest Water Savers on the block

Children love doing things that are strictly forbidden. Ask them not to play with your expensive phone, they drop it. Ask them to close the tap, they play in the water and completely forget about it. Their short attention spans and playful ways can be extremely endearing.  But at times this could also lead to wastage of precious resources like water. Here’s the hard truth. Facts and stern warnings will just bore them. However, giving them a responsibility will make them feel like they are in charge.

This World Water Day, you can give your kid the responsibility of conserving water. Here’s how. Just make your kids the Water Monitors of your house and let them have some fun even as they learn the importance of conserving water.

The Appointment party

While being a Water Monitor involves some serious responsibilities, the appointment of one can be fun. Here’s how. The Water Monitor Appointment Ceremony can be a little party. Just invite other kids in the neighbourhood, your family members and relatives and organise fun games that revolve around water conservation. What’s more, when the Water Monitor badge is handed over in front of so many people, your little ones will feel important.

Help your monitor

Help your monitor

Now that your kids are Water Monitors, they’ll always be watching out for water wastage. But your little champs can always do with a little help from you. You can give them a bell that they can tinkle every time someone uses too much water. This could be a quirky alert that family members will be wary off. You can also make a colourful chart explaining how much water each chore roughly consumes, so your kids can spot water offenders easily. For example, if washing your hands with Godrej protekt masterblaster handwash takes less than one mug of water, anyone who uses more than that can be called out for wastage. Most importantly, if your Water Monitors catch you, immediately apologise and thank them for teaching you something about saving water. This is, probably, the greatest motivation for them to continue the good work.

Self-monitoring at its best

Self-monitoring at its best

A few weeks after your kids become Water Monitors, you’ll start noticing a welcome change in their behaviour. The whole exercise of monitoring would have conditioned them to monitor themselves as well! So now, you don’t have to keep telling them to turn off the taps or stop spending too much time in shower, over and over again.

To make your kid a Water Monitor, download the badge from below, print and cut it out.

Water Monitor Badge

Give the badge to your kids when you appoint them as the Water Monitor. You can also show your support for the initiative by making the Water Monitor badge your Facebook profile pic from 22nd March to 5th April.  If you are looking for more ways to coax your kids into saving water, stay tuned for more articles.