Three Innovative Ways To Make Your Kids’ Lunch Box Interesting

It is always a good idea to get a little creative in the kitchen, especially when you are packing your kids’ lunch boxes. A bit of innovation can go a long way in turning a run-of-the-mill lunch idea into a refreshing concept.

So, let your imagination wander and make your kids look forward to opening their lunch boxes.

Here are some innovative ways to make lunch boxes a kid-pleaser:

Cut out shapes:

Who said cookie cutters are meant only for cookies? Cut out rotis or sandwich breads into different shapes and sizes. You can also create different cartoon characters, trains, cars or ships with the cut-out pieces of bread or roti. This is sure to attract young kids and encourage them to have their lunch happily.

Create a scene:



Get out the veggies and fruits and place them decoratively to create beautiful scenery inside the lunch box. You can cut cucumbers into little trees, mould cheese into a sun, place lettuce leaves like grass, grate carrots and make them look like hay – the possibilities are endless. Or just use sauce to create faces on sandwiches.

Make it colourful:  

Kids are always attracted by vibrant colours, so make use of different colours inside the lunch box. Use multi-coloured pasta or fruits and veggies of different colours to create a sandwich and surprise them.

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