The right way to raise tech savvy kids

Most of us mothers grew up before the advent of the internet. Today, however, the generation has changed and with the widened exposure to different kinds of content, most children are extremely tech-savvy and adapted to the ways of the internet.

This makes it very difficult to keep tabs on what they are surfing or consuming making it really difficult to restrain them access to such advanced technology from such a young age. So if you want to raise your kid to be tech savvy, here are a few basic guidelines.


Correct examples

Children are great observers and they grasp things very quickly. They will imitate everything you see and acquire the same habits. So if your child sees you hooked to your phone for long periods of time, they begin to feel that technology is utterly indispensable. This makes it extremely crucial for you to set the right examples. Switch off your gadgets after 10pm. Set certain rules and make sure you abide by them.


Correct lessons

The best way to inculcate rules in your children is to give them lessons about internet safety. This will lead to them being cautious when they explore the web. There is a great amount of content available on the internet and to stay away from potential threats, virus attacks, etc., it is very important to inform you child about the real lurking dangers. This way your children can make informed decisions concerning technology.


Correct age

Though the rules as to when to introduce your child to technology have changed drastically, there is no denying the fact that children 2 years and younger have absolutely no reason to be engaging in content available online. Children younger than 6 should preferably be monitored. It would work very well for the child to have a limit imposed on his / her screen time. While some parents are relatively lenient and will allow their child to use a smart phone or a tab or the computer very early on, some others are comfortable and confident around technology, very early on.


It ultimately comes down to each parent and mom to decide and set guidelines for your kids to follow, but as long as you are in control and have a clear understanding of what your children are consuming on the web, you will have tech savvy kids who are confident and aware.