Make Learning Fun For Your Toddlers

Wondering how to make learning fun for your kid? Well, you can start by making them like their homework. Sounds daunting? Check out a few kindergarten learning activities that will not just help them grasp things faster, but also make them fall in love with numbers and alphabets.

Use paints to teach them

Children love playing with colours. So, why not use them as a tool to teach them alphabets and numbers? Begin an art session every day at home for an hour and show how to use paint brushes to write different letters.  Have patience and let them enjoy as they try to work their way around different shapes. And after you are done, make sure they wash their hands with Godrej protekt happyfoam. You will have no trouble with this part because kids will love the foam handwash.

Create games

Children will be able to identify things easily if they get to see them while they are playing games. Introduce them to the games that involve alphabets and numbers or make your own Word search or puzzle. You can also organise a game night with family members to pump them up.

Organise reading sessions

Organise reading sessions

 Children love listening to stories, so you can always use them as a medium that will make learning fun.  Here’s how. Introduce them to storybooks and encourage them to read aloud. You can also begin a session at home when everyone has to spend time with books for at least 20 minutes every day. This habit will help them develop their vocabulary and improve their communication skills.

Organise a treasure hunt

Make learning fun for them and plan a treasure hunt. Hand them a list of letters they need to find in the designated area. Share rules with them and promise them a treat once they are able to finish the challenge.

Play in the sand

Play in the sand

Buy your children some toys and take them to a beach or a garden and let them have some fun in the sand. Bond with them by building castles or mountains and decorating them with the initials of their names. This way, they will be able to identify alphabets faster.

Pack them a smart tiffin

Cut their food in the forms of alphabets you want them to get familiar with, with the help of cookie cutters. Write three-letter words with ketchup on parathas or sandwiches to make them learn spellings.

To ensure that they don’t get bored of learning, you must spend some time teaching them in a fun manner. Who knows, you might build a strong bond with them in the process. Also, if you need ideas for some yummy treats after a session of learning, read our article Five delicious hot chocolate recipes with a twist’.