How to deal with your Kid’s Plane Travel Problems

Travelling with children is fun but it can also involve a lot of effort. Making sure you travel safely and ensure that your kids do not get sick while on board the plane is a crucial aspect of travelling with children who are prone to motion sickness.

Summer is a great time to travel with your family and embarking on a vacation with your kids is exciting. But what if you land up more frazzled than ready for a memorable vacation.


Pack your child a plane bag 

Packing a small bag full of goodies or stuff that will keep your children occupied and happy throughout their travel is a very good idea, when commuting. This will ensure that your kids do not complain or get bored. Packing items like crayons, colouring books or even Lego will keep them distracted and busy and thus help you deal with the situation better.


Teach your child etiquette

Teaching your children manners is essential. A stern word and making them aware of the consequences if they misbehave is a good way to help them understand the privacy of co-passengers. Talk to your child before you board and convey what exactly they should expect. Describe the experience from boarding, the meals and the seating space. Train your child to fly from an early age, make sure they do not end up being scared of an enclosed space and get used to the flying experience.


Keep germs at bay

Make sure you avoid contact with the bathroom sink tops, toilet flush and door handles. Portable anti-bacterial wipes are necessary to be carried. With dirt and pollution to be taken care of during a road trip, a hand sanitizer becomes a priority. Keep it in your child’s travel bag and remind him to use it after visiting the washroom.

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