7 valuable tips to follow to have a good time at an amusement park

Are theme parks your children’s go-to place? Do you end up Googling ‘amusement parks near me’ at least once during their summer holidays? But do you also regret not being able to enjoy all the rides or spending enough time at the park? Worry not! We have compiled a list of things that will help you have a great time, whenever you visit kids amusement parks.

Install the app

Most amusement parks have their apps available on the Play Store. Download them to get a better tour of the place and to easily locate different attractions, restaurants and restrooms. You will also be able to learn about the waiting period for each of the rides and plan your day accordingly.

Do your research thoroughly

Do your research thoroughly

Do your research and rule out all the amusement park rides that are not safe for children. This way, you will not only be able to save time, but also prevent your children from getting upset for not being able to enjoy a ride. Keep a tab on the timing of different shows and parades so that you don’t miss out on having fun.

Carry the right essentials

Carry the right essentials

Even though most kids theme parks have gift shops and family centres that sell utilities, it is important that you carry a few essentials from home. Carry a lightweight bag with essentials like water bottles, sunglasses, a medical kit, some snacks and Godrej protekt’s hand sanitizer to protect your children’s little hands from germs.


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Start the day early

Try and reach the amusement park at least half an hour before it opens in order to beat the crowd and enjoy multiple rounds of your preferred rides. You will also be able to save time to watch parades, without feeling guilty for missing out on fun rides.

Check the weather

It is essential that you check the weather before you go to the theme park, as a few rides may be closed during bad weather. Some of the water rides are shut during the rainy season for the safety of the visitors. A weather forecast will also help you decide if you need to carry a shawl or sweater to keep your tiny tots warm from cold winds in the evening.

Buy tickets online

Buy tickets online

Try and buy tickets online to save yourself from standing in long queues. When you book tickets in advance, you might even get discounts and special offers that will help you have a good time at the theme park.

Strategize your route

Avoid following the crowd and find your own way in the park. Make your own choices and decide if you want to get done with the popular rides first or take a tour of the park and visit souvenir shops.  

Try out these tips and let us know your experiences in the comment section below. We also recommend that you read our article ‘Tips For Traveling With Children On The Road’ if you plan to get to the park by road.