5 ways to teach your children about love on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity to teach your children about love and care. Take the day off to involve them in fun activities that encourage them to spread love towards everyone around them. Here are some innovative ways to spend Valentine’s Day with your kids.

Plan a family date

This Valentine’s day, don’t plan a romantic date with your significant other. Instead, plan an outing with your children. If you can’t dedicate the entire day to them, try to take them out to a beach or a restaurant for dinner. By doing this, you teach your kids that it is important to spend time with your loved ones. And remember to pack Godrej protekt’s hand sanitizer to protect your children’s hands from germs.


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Write love notes

Valentine’s Day is all about expressing your feelings towards your friends and family and letting them know what you mean to them. Make cute little notes and leave them where your children can find them. Be specific and write about incidents when they have been kind, caring and responsible. This way, they will feel special and be motivated to inculcate good values in their lives.

Plan a play date.

Plan a play date

Organise a play date at home and invite your children’s friends for a fun painting session. You can also show them how to make origami crafts. And later, when they finish with their art work, remind them to wash their little hands with Godrej protekt happyfoam, which smells of green apples and fights germs.

Surprise them with their favourite meal

Surprise them with their favourite meal

Try and cook your children’s favourite dishes throughout the day. And if you want to make it extra special for them, feed them little delights like marshmallows with hot chocolate sauce, candy floss and icy candies for dessert. They will feel both happy and loved at the same time. But don’t forget to keep your hands clean with a handwash, before and after you prepare food for your little ones.

Encourage them to express their feelings

Organise a two-minute speech session wherein everyone in the family speaks about the importance of love and what it means to them. You could also ask them to talk about the good qualities they see in others. This way, your children will learn to express their feelings freely.

Encourage them to express their feelings

Take them to an orphanage

Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity to teach your children about the importance of sharing love and joy.  Encourage your little ones to interact with children from an orphanage, as they distribute gifts to them. This way, your children will not only become happy to bring smiles on the faces of others, but also learn how to be kind and appreciate the little joys in their lives.

Make this Valentine’s Day all about your children by trying out these fun ideas and do let us know about your experiences in the comment section below. Also, if you need more reasons to celebrate the month of February, you recommend you that you check out our article ‘Fun things to do in February: the shortest month of the year