5 ways to boost your children’s immunity this winter

Winters are all about dressing up your children in fluffy jumpers and beanies and having a great time enjoying the cold weather. Huge bowls of warm noodles and soups help children deal with the changing climate. But what about boosting their immunity? We have compiled a list of things that can help increase their body strength and keep them smiling all winter.

Intake of healthy food

One of the best ways to increase the immunity of your children is through their diet. A balanced diet comprising a variety of fruits and vegetables will give them the essential nutrients. It is necessary to stop them from eating sugary, oily, and processed foods that can affect the body’s immune response. You also need to make sure that they have food at the right time as it helps the digestion process and keeps the body healthy and strong.

Maintain hygiene

Encourage them to wash their hands often with a handwash to fight against germs. Teach them the importance of hygiene and cleanliness. Ensure that they carry wet wipes or hand sanitizers whenever they leave the house. Make sure these products are colourful to motivate children to inculcate good habits in their lives. You can try Godrej protekt’s hand sanitizer, which comes in green colour and is alcohol free.











Daily exercises

Introduce your children to different forms of exercises as they boost blood circulation and increase the production of infection-fighting cells. Outdoor activities will not only give a chance for your youngsters to soak in vitamin D, but will also improve their sleep. To encourage them, print their names on their fitness attire, buy customized water bottles and join them in their fitness regimen.

Ensure they are stress-free

Stress can be harmful for children’s immune systems. Make sure their day is not packed with hard-core activities and let them unwind with their favourite things. Support them emotionally and indulge them with small treats and surprises from time to time.

Make sleep a priority

Make sure that your children get at least 8 hours of sleep every day. This habit will not only keep your children physically healthy, but it will also keep them energised and help them concentrate better on assigned tasks.

Winters don’t usually last for long in a few cities in India. So, let children have fun as the cold winds ruffle their hair. Follow these tips to ensure that they remain happy and healthy.And if you want to make to surprise them with some hot chocolate, check out our article 5 delicious hot chocolate recipes with a twist.