5 tips to enjoy a safe holi for kids

Holi is one of the most loved festivals in India and is enjoyed by kids and adults alike. But keeping your children safe during Holi celebrations is every mother’s worry. Here are some simple tips that you can follow to protect their joy this Holi. Read on.

Make your own eco-friendly Holi colours

Make your own eco-friendly Holi colours

The colours available in the market are mostly full of chemicals and can often be harsh on the skin.  But that shouldn’t stop your kids from celebrating the festival. Instead, encourage them to play with homemade Holi colours. In order to make them at home, use natural ingredients and make colours from rose petals, sandalwood, turmeric, beetroot, and spinach. However, if you don’t have the time, try looking for eco-friendly options out there in the market.

Use a lot of moisturiser

Colours can be harsh and tend to seep into the skin easily, which can be dangerous. So, ensure you apply a good moisturiser on their bodies to protect their skin from harmful colours.

Oil their hair

It is important that you apply a generous amount of oil in their hair to make sure that they do not get damaged by Holi colours. If your children have long hair, tie them up to prevent any breakage. You can also make them wear a shower cap or a swimming cap.

Make them wear long-sleeved clothes:

Make them wear long-sleeved clothes

In order to protect their skin, ensure you cover them up. It’s one of the easiest thing to do.  Even after you moisturise their skin, it is quite possible that the colour may somehow seep into their skin. Therefore, cover their exposed skin as much as possible with layers of clothes. Make them wear long-sleeved t-shirts, kurtas and long pants.

Encourage them to wear sunglasses:

Encourage them to wear sunglasses

Asking them to do this will be easy. After all, it will make them look stylish. But what they don’t know is that it will protect their eyes from getting damaged from harmful colours. Also, do not forget to tell them to immediately rinse their eyes in case any colour enters their eyes.

Encourage them to use a handwash

Like any other Indian festival, food is an essential part of Holi. So, ensure that you keep a handwash within their reach and advise them to wash their hands each and every time they decide to snack. Our recommendation? Use Godrej protekt mr.magic handwash as it fights against germs and is super gentle on the skin.

Skincare after Holi

Once all the fun is over, ask your children to use a face wash instead of a regular soap. Holi colours generally dry out your skin and using a soap only makes things worse. You can also apply a mixture of gram flour, sweet almond oil, milk cream in rose water to the areas that are affected by stubborn colours.

This Holi, do not stop your children from playing. Join them and have an environment-friendly Holi that will leave your family with memories for a lifetime. After all the playing and fun, your children may get hungry for a snack or two. So, try out these dishes from our article ‘Five Easy And Healthy Recipes For Kids and tell us what you think.