5 fun activities your children can do with you at home

It can be a task to decide activities for children that will keep them engrossed and happy, while still making sure they spend time in a productive way. But there are many activities that you can do at home, which require very little planning and effort. Spending time with your family can lead to great conversation and bonding which is an essential aspect of every child’s upbringing.

Indulging in these creative and fun activities is a great way to #ProtektTheJoy of family time. So, the next time your children tell you they are bored, quickly take out this list and put that time to good use!


Enjoy a story podcast

Podcasts can be a great source of learning and picking out innovative and enriching podcasts for children can be a wonderful idea for spending quality time with your family. There are a variety of educational and recreational podcasts on the internet and you can always pick a genre depending on your child’s preferences. Make some popcorn or your children and get involved in the story.



Gardening need not be restricted to an outdoor activity and can be very easily implemented in your house. Take out those pots and plants and hang them near your window? Buy more soil, seeds, and flowers and teach your children how to sow a seed, water the plant and give tips on how to take care of them on a daily basis.

Make sure you use a good hand wash after gardening and don’t forget to teach your children handwashing habits. You can use the foam-based Godrej protekt happyfoam handwash, which children adore.



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Build an indoor tent

You can always play in the house with your children and let them enjoy the process of building a tent inside the house with pillows, blankets and quilts. Build a tent that allows your family to fit inside and maybe share a meal inside the enclosed space. Pretend that your house is a forest and you are camping in a tent with a bonfire outside, giving your children the feel of an adventure. Make up new stories and enjoy some hot chocolate with marshmallows.


Organise a movie night

A classic movie with some popcorn will have your kids glued to the screen! Don’t just watch a movie the regular way; get creative and organize a screening. Put up the movie on a big screen and have a ticket booth to sell tickets. Keep popcorn and coffee ready to indulge in, while watching the movie! This will be a fun and eventful activity for your children.


Teach them origami 

Origami is the art of paper folding and can be a very creative way to boost your child’s thinking powers. The goal is to transform a flat sheet of paper into a finished sculpture thus making it a productive way to spend time with your children while also having fun! While different folding practices are used in this Japanese art, from airplanes to birds, the options are also numerous and can encourage your children to think out of the box.