5 delicious hot chocolate recipes with a twist

During the winter season, everyone gathers their cozy essentials to enjoy the cold weather. Woollen jackets, furry sweaters, full-sleeve T-shirts, thick socks, beanies and so on. While some look forward to warm their hands against the ripples of a bonfire or go on long walks in the chilly nights, a few slide into their thick, warm blankets and read their favourite books with some popcorn with a cup of hot chocolate. Interestingly, this special chocolate drink can be prepared with a few twists, whether it’s with savoury ingredients or certain elements to sweeten it further, and it’s all DIY. Here are a few fun recipes that you can enjoy with your children.

Snickers Hot Chocolate

If you love snickers and its nutty caramel flavour, this recipe is just made for you. A bar of snickers, some peanut butter and a couple of other ingredients is all you need to enhance the taste of your hot chocolate.

Unicorn Hot Chocolate

Who doesn’t like unicorns and rainbows? If your children are avid fantasy fans who believe in mystical creatures, you should definitely surprise them with this fun drink, which is pink in colour and decorated with fluffy whipped cream and sprinkles. Check the recipe here.

Nutella Hot Chocolate

Every chocolate-lover has Nutella in one of the shelves in their house. Enhance your hot chocolate with some spoonfuls of Nutella and other ingredients and you will be blown away by its rich and velvety flavour. Check out this genius recipe right now.

Orange Hot Chocolate

If you are not a dessert person but still enjoy hot chocolate once in a while, this recipe is just for you. The flavour of the orange will cut through the sweetness of the chocolate and give a distinct freshness to the drink. Try this recipe, trust me!

No Sugar, Low-Fat Hot Chocolate

This recipe is perfect for people who like chocolate but hate gaining those extra pounds. Make your hot chocolate without those refined sugary ingredients and use shaved coconut flakes as the topping instead of marshmallows and whipped cream.

You can take the help of your children in making some of these delicious drinks, but don’t forget to wash their hands clean with a liquid hand soap such as Godrej protekt masterchef’s handwash, which guarantees to keep the skin soft and gentle. We recommend you to check out our article 3 Healthy Snacks For Kids To Try Out On Sundays if you want to surprise your children with some delicious yet healthy food on the weekend.