4 heart-warming ideas to surprise grandmoms this Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is just around the corner and each year we see our little ones try really hard to make this day special for us. Whether it’s the smallest of gestures or extravagant arrangements, they always make us feel special. Having said that, Mother’s Day is not just about mothers, it’s also about the mothers’ mother. So why not! This year, with the help of our little ones, let’s make it joyful for them?

Imagine how happy they will get to see a stack of gifts or a surprise waiting just for them! It is also a great way to teach your children about sharing and giving love to their grandmoms. Here’s how you can turn Mother’s Day 2019 into a memorable one.

Handmade Gifts

Handmade gifts

Want to give your mother a unique Mother’s Day gift? Try making one at home. Handmade gifts are beautiful and hold a greater sentimental value. Therefore, take the help of your little ones and make a card or a collage of her childhood photos with a personalised message thanking her for her unconditional love. You can make it fun for your children by asking them for Mother’s Day card ideas. And once you are done, help your children wash their hands with Godrej protekt happyfoam, which fights germs and smells like fresh green apples.

Cook a family recipe

Cook a family recipe

No one can cook better than our mothers. Be it pickles or curries, we have savoured it all. Why not, cook one of their recipes and surprise them? Nothing will make them happier than to know that their recipe is cherished enough to be passed on to the next generations. Don’t forget to appoint your children as chefs. More the hands, better the help. Assign them small tasks in the kitchen and share your childhood stories with them. You can also have little fun by asking them to keep this family recipe as a secret. And once, you are done serving your mother her meal, do wash yours and little ones’ hands with Godrej protekt masterchef’s handwash,which is mild on the hands and easily removes tough greases and odours.

Organise a party

Help your mother rekindle her relationship with her extended families, friends, and colleagues by organising a small get-together party at home. Involve your children in the arrangements and take their ideas into consideration. This way, you will not only bond with them, but also teach them how to make decisions and plan things.

Screen her favourite movies

Nowadays, we don’t see a lot of black and white movies on television. Do a little bit of research and learn about your mother’s favourite movies. Surprise her with a movie afternoon and get a big tub of popcorn for her. You will be amazed to watch her giggle and squeal in delight as she witnesses some of their favourite scenes. What’s more? You will be surprised to know that you and your children enjoy it as much.

If you know any more of such fun ideas for Mother’s Day, do let us know in the comment section below. Also, after the celebrations, if you want to surprise your children with some sweet treats, we recommend that you read our article ‘Five delicious hot chocolate recipes with a twist’.