4 Fun Activities to Keep your Child Occupied during Summer Holidays

The summer holidays are here and every child feels the rush and the excitement that comes with the vacation spirit. Two entire months of free time means your children have ample scope to indulge in a variety of activities and experiment. Not only does this ensure they learn and better themselves, it also amounts to a ton of fun and games.

Here are 4 activities that will keep your children happily occupied and boredom free, this summer!


Play Dress Up

Collect funny hats, gloves, purses, flowing gowns, and “superhero capes” at a garage sale or thrift store. Slip into your new finery, and have a make-believe garden party, Spider-Man adventure, etc. Playing dress up need not be restricted to girls and boys can participate in this fun game, as well. Teach your kids how to style themselves, get them interested in colours, shades, fabrics, etc. Let it be more than just a game!


Go camping

Camping is the perfect go-to activity when it comes to a holiday. Children can learn tremendously from a camping trip and the adventure and excitement is something worth exploring with your family. Chalk out a plan for the weekend and get your kids involved in the packing and planning the trip. Introduce them to different elements that they will most likely encounter while on the trek and prepare them to rough it out. Trekking and being amidst nature can be a whole different experience and will keep them mentally stimulated and occupied for days!


Host a movie night

Rent (or better yet, borrow) a movie projector, pop some popcorn, and break out those inflatable mattresses and pool floats for seating. A white sheet anchored to PVC pipes can serve as the screen. Set this up in your garden or the terrace and you are good to go! You can also invite your child’s friends and their families. Make it a small party and order some good food. Do this once a week and your child will not only have fun but also get acquainted with films, characters and stories. Pick films that are understandable but also enriching and thoughtful. Talk to them about direction, writing, story lines and plots.


Make homemade pizza

The simplest and the most exciting way to spend quality time with your children and ensure that it’s also productive is to cook with them. And what better item than pizza! A pizza is incredibly easy if you have own all the right ingredients and all you need is an oven to bake and you are good to go! Buy all the necessary items beforehand and involve your children in the process. Let them participate by helping and taking up simpler activities like grating the cheese or piling the toppings on the dough.

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