3 Ways to Ensure Your Children Stay Healthy During Monsoons

After battling the sweltering heat of summers, monsoons bring in much-needed respite from soaring temperatures. But the season can also usher in a host of ailments especially for kids.
In order to ensure that your kids are protected, you need to make a few changes to your routine. Here are a few tips to keep your kids healthy and happy and keep illnesses at bay:

Drink bottled water
Even if you consume purified water from filters, it is always a good idea to boil water at home during the rainy season. It is also preferable to give your child a bottle of boiled water to carry to school, classes as well as playtime in the monsoons.

Wash and clean green leafy veggies thoroughly
Do wash and clean green leafy vegetables repeatedly during the rainy season; leafy vegetables in the monsoon can contain worms, etc. which can cause various illnesses and diseases. Avoid eating outside food and let your children know the problems with eating street food. Enjoy feeding your kids hot home cooked food during the season.

Keep a sanitizer handy
Have open and friendly conversations with your children making them aware of simple cleanliness rules which include, washing their hands and feet once they are home from school. Also encourage them to do the same after their play-time. Incase they do get drenched in the rain ensure they change into warm clothing to avoid catching a cold. Also, carrying a hand sanitizer will guarantee that their hands stay germ free.

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