3 places in India to visit with your children during the rainy season

While you may think travelling during the rains may not be a great idea, in reality, India’s vast landscape has so much to offer during the monsoons. If you are the type who doesn’t mind getting wet and enjoy the beauty of lush greenery and mountains, then here are some monsoon-worthy places that you must visit with your children.

If you haven’t been to Lonavla yet, the rainy season is the perfect time to take your family and head to this scenic place. Situated between Mumbai and Pune, the drive is a short one and it’s easily accessible. Pack some yummy food, bite into corn on the cob, indulge in tasty noodles and hot bhajiyas that are served at the top of the hills with a view and your kids will return home happier.


Nainital, a hill station in Uttarakhand, is a must-visit during the monsoons. The scenic beauty coupled with the rain beaten landscape only makes it better. Your children will get a taste of nature as well as different cultures. The tourist spots like the famous lakes and viewpoints are worth visiting, and something that your children will truly enjoy. Sitting atop a mountain and eating momos or thupka – their famous soup, your kids will learn a lot more about varied lifestyles and places.

Kerala Backwaters
The backwaters are a beautiful place to visit, and a trip during monsoons would make you fall in love with God’s own country. Children love travelling to destinations that offer something unique and the houseboat stay is a truly varied experience.

Do pack a few essentials when you head out to these places. Travelling with children is fun and you can enjoy uninterrupted quality family time. At the same time, you can also ensure cleanliness and hygiene with a good hand sanitizer.

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