The importance of teaching children the habit of ‘hand washing’

As parents, we know the importance of washing hands. It is so ingrained in our daily lives, that we don’t give it a second thought. However, it isn’t the same for our children.

Hand washing isn’t a habit that comes to them naturally. And since they are more susceptible to common illnesses, it becomes an integral lesson that they must learn at an early age.

Here’s why you need to teach the importance of hand washing to your little ones:

It must be developed into a habit for life

Naturally, children need to get into the habit of washing hands, simply because they play so much and do not have an understanding of personal hygiene yet. However, while habits die hard, they are even harder to develop.
Which is why it’s best that they are given a head start toward hygiene at a young age. Besides, habits have a snowball effect. Every good habit you cultivate helps you to cultivate better habits later. So, guide your children through the habit of washing hands and watch as it develops into an effortless habit that benefits them throughout their life.

It teaches cleanliness

It is a known fact that washing hands frequently improves immunity and hygiene. When you make your children understand the importance of washing their hands, you sow the seeds of cleanliness in their minds. They become more aware of everyday hygiene and develop an inclination toward keeping themselves and their surroundings clean. Which is difficult to develop later on, so it is essential for you to shape those young minds when they are flexible and open to ideas.

It teaches discipline

Discipline is a very valuable trait; hard to develop, but beneficial once achieved. Teaching your kids about hygiene and cleanliness will go a long way in creating a sense of discipline, that stays with them through life.
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