Single mom? Learn how to balance work with family

Balancing your personal and professional life isn’t easy for any parent, and when you are a single mom, the stakes are higher. Life, for single mothers everything from baby care to ensuring your child is brought up the right way is riddled with a lot challenges. Practice these simple ways to overcome your challenges and you will emerge stronger; your children will be independent and responsible too!

Set a schedule / timetable for your children

Setting a schedule helps to be more organized and makes life a lot easier. Set a specific time for study, play, extra-curricular activities, meals and sleep. You could also consider using a whiteboard to chart out your weekly schedule.

Draw a circle of support around you

Never shy away from asking for help. Allow your family and friends to help you raise your children, so they can free you to attend to your work. You could also enroll your children in a good daycare or find a reliable childcare provider at home. Additionally, getting a little help with the laundry and housecleaning can provide the extra time you need. Childhood illnesses are very common and your work can take a toll when your child has fever or a cold. A supportive friend or a family member can help ease your tension.

Leave work at the office

Once you are out of your office, leave your work behind and focus on your home. After all, your children are excited to see you when you are home. And you need to devote time in getting to know what they did all day and talk to them.

If you let your stress from work spill over to your time at home, things could go topsy-turvy and your children could feel neglected. Talk to your organization about your family situation and let them know that after-office hours is your family time.

Don’t try to be Super Mom

Don’t take extra projects at work or over-schedule your kids with too many extra-curricular activities. It is always okay to say “no” to things that are not a priority. Accept the fact that you can’t do everything for everyone all the time.