How to make hand washing fun for children

Children often forget to wash their hands because they don’t take personal hygiene and good health seriously. And resorting to lectures or ‘because I said so’, might not always work. Luckily, there are a few ways you to make hand washing exciting for your tot. Here’s how!

Associate hand washing with their favorite fantasy characters

Every child has a favourite character – whether it’s a superhero or a princess from a fairy tale. All you got to do is decorate the hand wash bottle with pictures of this cherished character. You can do this yourself using stickers or acrylic paints. This is sure to grab your kids’ attention and help develop an interest in washing hands. So, go on. Customise that bottle!

Make a fun poster

Get creative and make a hand washing poster for your children. Use it to elaborate steps for washing hands in an interesting way. Make sure that the poster is colourful, vibrant, easy to follow and placed just in sight, before the hand wash bottle. That way, your children not only find it interesting, but also develop a willingness to follow the instructions.

Get involved

When it comes to kids, it’s better to show, not tell. They are more likely to learn by observing what you do. So, don’t just instruct. Practice what you preach, and wash your hands with them. Get involved, make hand washing a family event that you do together. You’d be surprised at how much fun washing your hands with your kids can be.

Use an interesting hand wash

Sometimes, the best way to make washing hands fun is by using a fun hand wash. Like the foam-based Godrej protekt happyfoam handwash. After all, kids love playing with foam and bubbles. This will make hand washing so much fun that your kids will want to do it again and again!

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It is a proven fact that when people are appreciated for something they did, they do more of it. Children are no different. So, every time they wash their hands, acknowledge it as an act well done. Make them feel good about being hygienic and watch them imbibe the act effortlessly into their life!