How to get your child to explore gardening as a hobby

Introducing your children to gardening is an excellent way to make them aware of where food comes from and teach them the importance of the environment. Planting seeds and watching them grow also instills a sense of purpose and responsibility. According to research, when children are in contact with soil, they tend to have improved moods and decreased anxiety levels.

Engage your child through the entire process

Not every gardening task is pleasant and your kids may not enjoy or be ready for all of them. But make sure you involve them as much as you can, so they understand the entire process. Activities like digging the earth and sprinkling water are some of the simpler tasks that will make your child feel empowered.

Make your own compost

As part of the learning process, you can educate your kids on how to make their own compost from waste. Set up a compost bin and fill it up with dried leaves, green waste, old plants, waste from your pet’s cage, fruit and vegetable peels and eggshells. Layer this up with some soil. Cover the bin and let it rest over a couple of months. You and your little one can then use it as manure for your plants.

Go on a nature trail

Create a list of items that you see in a garden (like leaves, flowers, grass, sticks, etc.) and go on a garden nature trail with your kids. Keep ticking off the articles that you and your child find on the way.

Start a herb garden

You could get your kids to start a herb garden. All it needs are a few seeds, some soil, exposure to sunlight and a little water. The results are quicker too. Make sure to display the plants your kids helped grow to your family and friends. This will help boost their confidence.

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