Healthy Breakfast items for your children

Your children need a power-packed breakfast to kick start their mornings and its best to experiment with different food items every day.

But with busy schedules and professional commitments, finding newer recipes that are healthy meals for children is a challenge.

These are a few healthy kid-friendly meals that will help your children pack a powerful punch every morning!

Whole wheat banana pancakes

Whole wheat banana pancakes are made with Greek yoghurt (you can also use plain yoghurt). A yummy stack of healthy banana pancakes at the start of the day can keep your child active and alert for the entire day. While they might not be as fluffy as buttermilk pancakes, but they are good for health as compared to the ones made with flour. Drizzling some honey or maple syrup on top can do the trick!

Egg cheddar sandwich

An egg cheddar sandwich is easy to fix and great to taste as well. Picking the right kind of cheese can help significantly. Fix your child a sandwich made of 2 eggs and 2 tablespoons of grated cheddar. Apart from being healthy, this sandwich is tempting and will have your kid coming back for more!

Bread upma

Bread upma is high on carbs, an essential food group for children, early in the morning. Carbs are loaded with energy and with a little milk on the side, your child will be full and satisfied till lunch time. Being easy to cook, bread upma is also a huge favourite among parents.

Yoghurt and granola parfait

This is a meal that is a mini-dessert fix! Stock up your kitchen with granola bars that can be binged on whenever hungry and you will never run out of things to make. With yogurt, granola bars and a little maple syrup, your breakfasts are sorted. Children usually love the layering that happens in glasses with parfaits and force feeding won’t be your concern this time!

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