Fun workouts for kids

Though not all kids are big fans of fitness, developing a few habits is essential to maintain good health. Every parent should encourage their kids to take up some kind of activity or sport that leads to a healthy lifestyle. Endurance, strength and flexibility are the three elements of fitness which need to be focused on and certain workouts help in achieving all three elements.

One of the major challenges of current times is the excessive screen time that kids are exposed to, which in turn has an impact on fitnesslevels. But if you make the workouts fun and exciting, kids will not only do them happily but initiate it themselves every day. So now’s the perfect time to instill some good habits by making exercise a fun part of your family activities.


Butterfly kicks

This exercise routine becomes incredibly fun for most kids and if you practice it in groups, it can be a laughter riot. All you need to do is get the kids lined up. Make them lie on their backs and keep their abs tight. Raise your feet just barely off the floor and then flutter kick them. This will lead to the children bursting out in laughter as it gives their abs a slight tingle thus making it difficult to continue the workout routine for extended periods of time.



These are exercisesthat are quite tough and can increase your child’s stamina drastically. It will get their hearts racing and lead to betterfitness levels. In order to do this work out, you have to first teach your kids how to squat properly. When you are squatting, put your hands on the ground. Jump and kick your legs straight back behind you, with an aim to land on the toes. Then do a push-up, bring your legs back underneath you, and jump straight up off the floor. This would be one burpee.


Trunk rotations

This is one workout that kids truly enjoy in a group. The swinging motion is something that keeps them excited and going for an extended number of sets. From a straight standing position with your hands on your hips, rotate your upper body as far as possible in each direction. Thisexercise should be done with a smooth, even motion and you will have to ensure that the kids are not rotating too fast or jerking their bodies as this can cause cramps.