Fun things to do in February: the shortest month of the year

The month of February brings us Valentine’s Day and a lot of love. But did you know it also celebrates a lot of special days that are not marked in the annual calendar? Don’t believe us? Here is a list of occasions that you can celebrate if you are looking for fun things to do in February with your little ones.

Fun things to do in February

National make a friend day

This day is perfect for children who are introverts by nature. Celebrated on 11th of February, it is a great opportunity to get your children to make new friends. Explain the importance of this day to your tiny tots and accompany them to a playground or a sports club. Then, encourage them to approach people of their age for some fun interaction.

Love your pet day

Love your pet day

This day falls on 20th of February and is perfect for children who love animals. Ask your little ones to organize a party or plan an outing, where your pet can get enough space to laze under the sun. You can also buy new accessories for your pet with the help of your children. Your tiny tots will get happy when they see you give extra attention to the furry members of the family.

playing tennis with kids

Play tennis day

his day is celebrated on 23rd of February, making it the perfect day to take your children to a sports club and play some tennis. It is not necessary for you or your little ones to have sound knowledge of the game. You could also use this day as an excuse to start learning the sport. Or you could simply take your children to watch a tennis match! We recommend that you carry a hand sanitizer with you when you are enjoying this day.

National tortilla chip day

If your children are tortilla fans, then take their help in celebrating these crunchy delights on 24th of February. Throw a tortilla party at home and encourage your little ones to grate as much cheese as they want and add as much as sauce they want, in their portion of tortilla triangles. But don’t forget to get them to wash their little hands with Godrej protekt mr. magic handwash, which is gentle on skin, but tough on germs.

National Strawberry Day

National Strawberry Day

If your children love strawberries, then you must celebrate this day, which is observed on 27th of February. Organize a strawberry-themed party and ask everyone to dress up as the red fruit and have some fun. You could even plant a strawberry patch in your backyard to get a fresh bowl of strawberries straight from nature.

Make the most of February – the shortest month of the year – by celebrating these fun days with your friends and family and let us know your experiences in the comments section below. And if you are looking for different ways to teach your children about the importance of love on Valentine’s Day, we recommend you to check out our article ‘Five ways to teach your children about love on Valentine’s Day’.