Five ways to involve your children to decorate your house

Don’t mind your children partially designing the house? Or getting some of the walls in the house painted in bright hues? Then, here are some ways you can encourage your children to bring out the creativity within them and help revamp the living spaces in the house.

Take their opinions into consideration

Listen to your children’s ideas with an open mind and avoid rejecting them. This way, you can encourage them to state their opinions confidently. Also, ensure you have a healthy discussion with them when you think their suggestions cannot materialise.

Give them small responsibilities

Children like it when they are put in charge of things. Assign them small tasks to help them feel important and motivated. You can take their help in moving things or making a list of all the household items that need to be discarded.

Involve them in shopping

Try to take them along with you when you go for shopping. Your children will not only get to explore new places, but also get sense of how their ideas are coming to life. Also, you will learn about their choices better.

Let them do some painting

Let your children have some fun and encourage them to paint some part of the house. This way, they will feel happy and proud for making a contribution towards revamping the house. Don’t forget to make them wash their hands with Godrej Protekt mr. magic handwash which guarantees to keep the hands healthy.

Encourage them to make an artwork

Ask your children to make a small painting, some clay statues or draw a family tree that can be used as an artefact in the house to let them have their personal touch to the house. Don’t forget to praise them in front of others to increase their confidence.

Surprise them with rewards

In order to motivate them to focus on their tasks, it is important to rejoice their small successes and efforts towards decorating the house. Praise their ideas and surprise them with small gifts and treats.

In order to share a good bond with your children, it is necessary that you involve them in daily chores and activities. This way, they will feel a part of the family and you will improve your relations with them. If you want to treat them with some hot chocolate, check out our article ‘Five delicious hot chocolate recipes with a twist’.