Adventure Camps for kids – Pack these items along!

Today’s generation has a wide array of options when it comes to taking a break from studies. From games on computers, mobile phones to even tablets that kids easily operate these days, the choices are many!

In a world driven by technology and virtual reality, sending your children out into nature to experience its beauty is something every parent should try to ensure. And an adventure camp is the perfect way to make sure this happens! From learning new skills to developing well-rounded personalities, adventure camps have a lot to offer.
Such adventure camps will require your children to carry along a few necessities.

Here is a list of the basic items that need to be packed before you send them off to experience a whole new world.

Extra set of clothing

Always make sure children carry a complete set of clothing apart from the ones required for the camp. Personal undergarments, a light towel, sun cap with shorts, t-shirt and a pair of socks should be included.
Also, since children have a tendency to spill food on their clothes while eating or playing outdoors, keep a backup set ready that will take care of your child.

The basic necessities

A few basic essentials that all of us carry when we go trekking or camping – and certainly need to be carried by children – are necessities, such as prescribed medicines, insect repellent creams, tissues, hand sanitizers and sunscreen. Pack them in a pouch, include a light-weight water bottle and you are good to go!

An alcohol-free, kid-friendly sanitizer that is gentle on the skin is a smart way to keep your kid protected from germs during the entire experience! Godrej protekt not just another hand sanitizer is a great option to ensure hand washing hygiene is taken care of at such camps.

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Emergency food

Take a look into what the camp provides as meals and pack healthy food for children, just in case they are hungry between meals.
Stay away from candy and excessive sweets and instead, include granola bars, pretzels and cereal or multigrain cookies that can be an instant fix and satiate your child’s hunger.

Protection from the cold

Make sure your child carries a hooded sweatshirt or a sweater, in case it gets cold during night time. Most adventure camps are outdoors and get chilly post evenings. Packing a light-weight quilt and a bedsheet is a good idea if your child has a low tolerance to the cold.

Bathing suit

A bathing suit can come in handy at any time and packing one for emergencies is a good idea. Swimming activities at an adventure camp are usually common and it is better to be prepared for a dip in the pool at all times.

So the next time your children are heading for a trek or an adventure camp, make sure you take a quick look at this list and you will save a lot of time! So get going!