5 ways to ensure your child stays fit

Today’s generation is exposed to the world very differently as compared to a decade before. However, technological advancement has opened up different avenues to children for their source of education and entertainment. At such times, with children increasingly hooked to their phones, tablets and the television screens, it can be a task to ensure they remain fit and healthy.

Fitness does not only include physical activity, though that is a crucial aspect of staying fit; various other elements contribute to your child’s overall progress and growth.

Impose screen time rules
Enforcing diligent screen time rules can really help your child have extra time for other activities. With the kind of content available online, a child’s curiosity knows no bounds. Keep a watch on what kind of content your child is consuming and also on the amount of time he/she spends hooked to screens. It would be a good idea to set a deadline and then to make sure that your child follows it.

Playtime is important
Physical fitness is crucial to keep children fit, healthy and strong. Playtime used to be an elaborate affair back in the day and is sometimes forgotten due to virtual reality taking over. Take your kid to a park or the playground and let them enjoy an hour of rigorous activity. A walk on the beach or building sand castles can be exciting and enriching to the child’s development.

Don’t forget to teach them the importance of hand washing hygiene. Washing hands with a good hand wash after playing outside the house is a good habit to inculcate. So use one that is gentle on your child’s skin as well as effective. Godrej protekt masterblaster handwash is 98% naturally-derived and gets rid of germs instantly.










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Introduce them to meditation
Teaching your kid to meditate and enjoy half an hour of peace and quiet can do wonders for their mental health. It can help your child focus on their academics as well and balance their minds. Meditation is not just an adult pursuit and teaching children mindfulness can help them anchor themselves better.

Find a sport
Hobbies are important for personal growth and development and finding a hobby at an early age can do wonders for your child’s health and fitness. Children with productive hobbies do well in their professional and personal life. It helps develop social and moral skills and qualities like patience, willpower and determination. You can round up the children in your vicinity and enrol them together for a fun activity that they all enjoy or simply develop one for your child on an individual basis. This can include picking a sport which will adequately challenge your children and develop a love towards the sport. Soccer, cricket, basketball are a few games which can be played in groups and teams.

Workout regimes
Practising a workout regime suited to your child’s age and size is a good way to ensure that fitness is taken care of, in the long run. Seek advice from a professional and keep the workout fun. There are multiple workout apps for kids that can track their workout. Inculcate the importance of daily exercise and healthy eating habits and your child will always keep fitness a priority in their life.