5 ways reading can improve your child’s well-being

Reading is an essential skill and the more your child reads the better informed he or she is about the world. Reading together can also help create a bond between you and your child. For example, reading out a bedtime story to your child is often a great way to unwind after a day’s work, and depending on the story you choose, can impart valuable lessons to your child.

Apart from a growing imagination, there are multiple benefits that come out of focussed reading and developing it as a habit from a young age. As a parent there is truly nothing better than to see your child learn, and encouraging your child to read is the best way to do so.

Improved cognitive abilities

Introducing your children to fiction, short stories and tales can help them develop their cognitive abilities. The characters present in books and stories will lead the child to improve his imagination and further enhance creativity. Children have mental processing skills that can expand if a habit of reading is inculcated at an early age.

Increased attention span

Children are often extremely curious and get distracted easily. Reading can help improve their focus and attention span. Read a few pages out to your children every day and engage in a conversation about the book with them. This can result in your children being better equipped to concentrate, reflect and evaluate.

Language and communication skills

Speaking and engaging in conversation with your children is often not enough to improve their vocabulary and language skills. Reading gives children an exposure to wider vocabulary, phrases, idioms or quotes that we do not use in our everyday conversations. Knowing and being fluent in more than one language with a good command on diction will help your child build an empowering personality.

Higher EQ

The more your child reads, the more knowledge he absorbs. This puts them in a better position to understand human emotions. With every new book and story arc, your child is exposed to a range of emotions and experiences that are critical to understand others, thereby developing empathy, which in turn has an impact on overall health and fitness.

Range of topics

There are a wide range of books available on multiple topics. Identify your child’s interests and pick a book according to their taste. From children’s fiction to informative books for kids, there is immense choice. Introducing your child to books of their choice will ensure they choose a book over other activities. Children are exposed to different opinions and thought processes which can contribute to their personal growth and fitness.