5 safety tips to follow if you have children and pets at home

Children and pets look adorable together. But it is also important to ensure that they are safe as they bond with each other. Here are five safety rules for kids if you want your little ones to bond with your pets at home.

Make an effort to introduce them

One of the biggest mistakes that parents make is to assume that children can get easily familiar with animals. However, you need to sit down and teach them how to behave around pets.

Keep an eye on them

Your children’s safety is never guaranteed around animals. So, ensure you keep an eye on them as they befriend pets. You also need to make sure your kids do not go overboard with their antics. You don’t want either of them to get scared of each other.

Teach them safe games

In order to bring them closer, introduce them to some games that will help them spend some quality time with each other. Start with a few indoor activities to get them comfortable. And after their playtime, encourage your children to wash their hands with Godrej protekt happyfoam , a handwash which is naturally derived and fights germs.



Study your pet’s body language

You need to know when your pet has had enough time with your children. It is rare for animals to snap or bite. And so, it is important that you learn about their subtle body language. Teach your children to respect your pet’s personal space.

Teach your kids not to disturb your pets

All animals tend to get angry if they are disturbed when eating food or playing with their toys. Try to feed your pets when your children are sleeping. This way, you don’t have to leave your daily chores to keep a tab on your children’s movements.

You don’t have to give away your pets when a new-born becomes a part of your family. You just need to be careful and undertake some precautionary measures. In turn, pets can teach children valuable lessons and will always protect them from danger.

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