5 healthy habits to inculcate in your child

Making sure your children develop good habits at an early age is a great way to ensure their behaviour and etiquettes are in place lifelong.

As a parent, you can instil healthy habits in your child every day, through their formative years, as children are very receptive in their early years and their ability to grasp is very strong as well.

Personal hygiene and good health are important facets of building a well-rounded personality and getting creative while teaching your kids is a fun way for them to learn.

Here are a few healthy habits that will enrich their growth!

Make eating a colourful activity

Try and experiment with different food groups along with educating your children about the nutritional value of each food item. While every meal can’t be like a rainbow on the plate but including a variety of vegetables and fruits in your daily intake is a healthy option. Choose from varied colours of peppers, zucchini and other veggies.

Healthy can be tasty

If children are taught at an early age that a wide variety of options exist when it comes to picking something tasty, that is also healthy, they will, from an early age, lean towards more of healthy food.

This works better than advising them to avoid certain foods; start off on a positive note and suggest alternatives to meals that will make their mouths salivate and yet keep them fit!
You can even prepare meals at home with ingredients, your children love. Build a routine of consuming meals at set times every day and washing hands with a good handwash before and after meals. Teaching them the importance and benefits of hand washing will ensure they take hygiene seriously.

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Pay attention to mental health

Paying attention to your child’s mental health is as important as monitoring their physical health and activity. Engage in conversations with your child and listen to what they have to say! Children are intuitive and learn fast in their childhood and teaching them to pay attention to their own emotions, behavior and mental state is a crucial habit to inculcate!

Consistent physical activity

Teaching your child to take up some form of physical fitness from an early age is the best way to stay fit. Playing some form of sport and encouraging a healthy competitive spirit will be beneficial to their personalities.

Sleep is important

In cases where children stay up late to watch television or browse the internet, you may need to intervene! Informing your child about the benefits of a good sleep and the proper time to go to bed is a necessity in today’s fast-paced times.