5 fun workout regimes to teach your kids

Fitness is a crucial part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle and teaching your children a wide range of workouts is essential. These activities will not only help them understand the importance of physical fitness at an early age but also create an interactive and fun environment for your children to indulge in and look forward to every day.

Organized sport has its benefits like teaching kids about endurance, teamwork and perseverance.

The importance of exercise for a child’s growth and development cannot be stressed upon enough. Here are 5 simple exercise programs that will help your children stay fit while having a lot of fun.

Have a dance party

Keeping the workouts fun and exciting is one way to get your kids excited about physical activity. You could round up your child’s friends and organize a dance class for them. Getting together with friends and shaking a leg is a fun way to work out and it can keep the spirits high and your child interested.

Obstacle course

Children love challenges and it also makes workouts interesting and innovative. There are different ways to get creative with obstacle training. You can simply pick out old toys, soup cans, footballs or other fun items and set them up in the park or the playground.

Use different routes and a variety of equipment and keep the game going for 15-20 minutes. Getting the children to participate in planning the game can be exciting as well. 

Introduce them to a new sport

Introducing your child to a sport is a fun way to get them to stay fit and healthy. Enrolling them for sports training or in-school communities that have programs for football or cricket are great ways to get exercise done. Playing tag or catch with friends or going for hikes can also lead to aerobic activity which is great for strengthening muscles.

Morning runs

Mornings are the perfect time to work out and the earlier the better! Getting up early in the morning and going for a run with your children can be a great way to bond with them and also get a little workout done. You don’t have to term it as ‘exercise’, just do it in a way that your children consider it an activity and it becomes a part of their normal routine.

Go cycling

Keep the fitness regime exciting and fun, just the way kids prefer. Activities like cycling can help in muscle strengthening. Children love adventure and outdoor activities like these can be interesting to take up. Cycling has its own benefits and one of them is your children being able to travel short distances on their own. It will help them be independent and they will learn a hobby for a lifetime.

Children have a tendency to get soiled and dirty when they go outdoors to play and teaching them handwashing hygiene is essential. By inculcating a habit of washing hands immediately after a session of obstacle training, cycling or a morning run will prove to be valuable in the long term.  The foam-based Godrej protekt happyfoam handwash is fun and effective in its use!


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