4 DIY activities to boost your child’s imagination

Children can be very imaginative and receptive. So, what you teach them in their early years is crucial to building a balanced life. As a parent, there are multiple activities that you can indulge your child in, and making sure these activities are productive and helpful to your child’s growth is extremely essential.

Also, summer vacations are about to begin soon and you need a plan to keep your children busy throughout. These 3 months of vacation can be a great time to take up activities that are do-it-yourself, creative and involve tasks that boost your child’s imagination.


Make a vision board

The best way to spark a child’s imagination is to introduce them to the concept of a vision or a dream board. Find out what your children are truly passionate about and try to help them express their dreams on paper. All you need is a large piece of paper or poster board, glue, a pen and some old magazines. Help your children write down answers to questions like what they want to be when they grow up, what their favourite hobby is and what it is that they dream of every day. Keep the board in their room to remind them of their goals and help them dream big.


Share your stories

This is an incredibly fun way to approach storytelling. Start the activity by telling your children to pick out an object from the house that they have not paid much attention to and missed noticing. When the child brings the object, sit with them and get them involved in a story about that object. Tell them how the object came into the house and where you were travelling when you bought it or if it was a souvenir or gift from someone. Make it a fun and an interactive experience.


Artsy collages

Making collages with your children will help their creative side of the brain, not to forget how immensely fun this activity can get! You can take out the box of old nail polishes that will never be used again and hand them to your kids to use for painting on paper. Bring out the glitter, crayons, old magazines and the glue stick. Get down and dirty!

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Create a business

Play a game with your children and teach them how a business works. Let them know the basics of money management, problem solving and communication. A summer business can be a creative and encouraging home activity for the children to indulge in to gain some perspective. It will also boost your child’s imagination and help her think of multiple ways to approach life, studies and hurdles that come her way.