4 books that you can read out to your children

Will your child like a certain genre of books? Will he get involved in the story or find it boring? These are questions that plague most parents when they decide to make reading out to their kids a habit.

Reading out a great book to your children is an experience that should not be missed out on and picking out the perfect set of books can be confusing. However, there are a few books that spark a child’s imagination and creativity more than the others and are therefore more age appropriate and educational than the others. We made a short list of books for you to try out with your children; books that will keep them happy, engaged, giggling and enhance their visualization.  This also enhances mental fitness levels as a good book can keep your child mentally stimulated and happy.



This renowned novel by Roald Dahl is a book that children adore and reading out the story of this five year old girl to your kids will leave them happy and enchanted. This is a book that can truly stretch your child’s imagination and make him/her feel wonder and excitement. As it is set in a school, children can relate to the narrative and the magical powers that Matilda uses to her advantage will get them excited.


Stuart Little 

As important it is to build your child’s imagination, reading about adventure and travel can also be a fun activity. This book has a small mouse as an admirable protagonist who is someone every child will grow to love. The exciting adventures as he sets off to find a lost friend are dangerous and something the children find fascinating. Being a chapter with loads of pictures that help your child’s imagination, this is a book that younger children will enjoy more.


Harry Potter

Harry Potter needs no introduction and most kids start reading this book on their own. If your child loves to read, it would be a great idea to gift him the collection. The characters, the magical elements and the high value placed on friendship are a few things your children will appreciate as they get involved and hooked to the story.


Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland 

Another book that you will have a great time reading out to your children. With the colourful journey that Alice embarks on, your children will laugh and have a lot of fun. They will also get enthralled with the lively animal characters and their conversations in this book. The name says it all!