3 reasons to switch to an alcohol-free hand sanitizer now

If there is one thing that you absolutely cannot stay without for your hygiene needs, it is a hand sanitizer. Right from keeping it on top of kitchen counters, on the dining table, in your children’s school bag and as a part of your travel kit, it is an indispensable part of your regular hygiene routine and has become your go-to product for germ protection.

But most sanitizers contain around 60% alcohol which may not work well for children. So, what do you do? Switch to a natural and alcohol-free alternative. There are other benefits which will come with this switch as well. To list a few:

Doesn’t dry skin

The alcohol content in an alcohol-based hand sanitizer strips the skin of its natural oil and essential proteins, thus drying it out in the process. It also causes itchiness and irritation, a definite ‘no’ for children. Switching to a water-based, alcohol-free product will ensure moisturized and softer skin.

Doesn’t kill the good bacteria

Alcohol kills bacteria – both bad and good. By doing this, it lowers the protective shield of your skin. You obviously don’t want the good bacteria out; otherwise, there will be none left to fight off diseases. A non-alcohol based hand sanitizer can differentiate the good from the bad and will work well for your family’s well-being.


Your kid might be allergic to the alcohol content in the hand sanitizer. Also, if the product is not natural, there are chances that it might contain specific chemicals that can cause skin reactions in the long run. Switching to a sanitizer made with natural ingredients will be a much safer option.

Planning to switch?

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