3 creative ways to spend quality time with your children

Children can get really busy as they grow up and start going to school, get into tuitions and get really busy as they grow older. This makes it immensely important to spend quality time with them. Being active, restless and full of energy, children really enjoy unconventional ways of spending time with families.

So we came up with a few creative ways in which you can enjoy your child’s company and #protektTheJoy of family timeThis will ensure that this time you spend together is a fun experience for them.


Squirt gun painting

For everyone who loves to get messy, this is the messiest of all activities. Get creative by making your own watercolours and make sure to use as much water as you want. You will need to buy squirt guns of good quality and fill in the funnels with the coloured water. You can paint t-shirts, canvases, paper or even play around with colours and water on your lawn.

Let your children know the benefits of washing hands with a good hand wash after engaging in this super creative artsy activity. You can use the foam-based Godrej protekt happyfoam handwash, which children love.


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Go on a picnic

Going on a picnic with the entire family can be a truly fun way to spend time with your loved ones. You can spruce it up by giving everyone a task. The excitement of cooking or packing food along, the drive to the destination, giggling children, singing can be a creative way to spend quality time with each other.


Pebble decorating

Pebble decorating can be an activity that really brings out the creative side of every child. River rocks are beautifully smooth and can be easily used as home décor, once the painting job is done. Head to the beach and collect pebbles of varied shapes and sizes. Carry acrylic paint and a few brushes along with you and indulge in a session of painting as you watch the sunset.


So, gather your kids, indulge in these activities and#protektTheJoy of family time.